Network Setup

Ambit makes it simple for you to get the network setup you need. Through consultation, analysis, and implementation, we値l find the solution that fits you perfectly.

First, we値l meet with you to discuss the current needs of your business, as well as look into what you値l require in the future. Whether you池e looking for an entirely new network setup or a reworking of your existing one, Ambit can help.

Next, we値l perform thorough network analysis, outlining the equipment, individual workstations, server configurations, and implemented technologies.

Finally, we値l apply the agreed-upon steps toward a more secure, reliable and effective network infrastructure. From local area networking, which includes servers, network design, and monitoring, to wide area networking, which allows remote office access and site-to-site security, Ambit can provide the network solutions that are right for you.

Or maybe you want to go wireless. If you池e done with the clutter of numerous connection cables, Ambit is ready to provide you with the freedom that going wireless can bring! Contact us today to find out how we can help.